October 6, 2019

I’ll start by saying I have followed Alex Becker the creator of Market Hero since his beginning days.

He used to make SEO videos and teach them through his youtube videos and vlog.

Since then he has become super successful and created many software businesses.

But today we will be talking about his email marketing software called Market Hero.

He has started from the literal bottom and has managed to build many online businesses.

Alex Becker’s Net Worth is estimated at 7 million dollars.

Now tell me you wouldn’t mind learning a little from a guy that has built his empire to a whopping 7 million-plus in a few short years.

And he starting out doing affiliate marketing.

So if you find yourself asking is Alex Becker Legit this is the reason I wrote this market hero review, let me assure you he is.

What is Market Hero?

Market Hero Review

Market Hero is a autoresponder software that I have used other email marketing tools before this one but once I saw what it had to offer and who owned it I was all in.

Market Hero offers in-depth sales metrics and tons of automation that every autoresponder should have but most don’t.

If you are already making money with an email list you know that knowing your sales numbers and metrics is the life of your business.

Yes, everything else is also important like click-through rates and open rates but if you can track how much it costs you to get a customer and how much they are worth to you over a 30 day 60 day or yearly bases then you can scale your business as much as you want.

Why Choose Market Hero?

Market Hero offers many features one of them is having the ability to track your LTV per email address and makes sending emails while getting them to inbox very easy.

Your also less likely to get kicked for using affiliate links as long as your not using them in a spamming way.

Yes, you can track the Long Term Value of your customer while they go down your funnel.

Even though other autoresponders offer this capability he has made it super simple for you to be able to track these metrics.

Market Hero Metrics

Being able to track the day people enter your business and what they do on certain days, what links they click on, the products they buy and being able to do much more will keep your business ahead of everyone else because of your ability to track your business better than the competition.

Market Hero Features

Having the ability to connect your Shopify store to your Market Hero account and track some insane data.

When I say insane data I mean imagine being able to tell how much a customer is worth a year from now and what products they buy while tracking what products they are most likely to buy.

Also being able to send abandoned cart emails out to customers who have started the checkout process but did not buy yet.

Becker also offers a FREE Webinar you can check out on How To Take a New Shopify Store From Zero To $200 within 5 days.

Having the ability to connect with facebook messenger even though I don’t use this feature because I don’t use Facebook too much but if you do then this can be a very helpful tool.

Whatever type of audience you have they are most likely already using facebook messenger which as over 1 billion active users with an average of 80% open rates and 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email.

Even though they are lacking on some of the major integrations they do connect to some of the most popular ones like warrior plus, PayPal, stripe and more to make things a little easier. Market Hero IntegrationsThey do also have 24-hour support so if you need help getting things set up or you’re having problems, in general, they are available to help.

One of the best features of Market Hero is that it comes with an email marketing course.

So that means you will get his training program for free and learn how to use it and even how to get started making money with it even if you are a complete beginner.

Market Hero Course

They offer straight forward pricing with the lowest plan being only $20 with the capability to capture up to 1000 leads.

If you choose the annual option you can save up to 15% which is the better option.

If you already use Market Hero let me know in the comments below what you like most about it.

Market Hero offers a Free Trial which you can cancel anytime within 14 days and you won’t be charged.

If you’re still wondering I can assure you, Alex Becker is NOT a scam.

Plus you actually have nothing to lose by trying a free product.

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