December 23, 2019

I'm going to be showing you how to start a successful blog in 2020 and beyond while also growing that blog with free traffic.

I'll be showing you the most important parts to starting a successful blog such as

  • How to find a good domain for your site
  • How and where to set up your blog hosting
  • How to get your content ideas and fill your website with content
  • Where and how to promote your new blog to get free traffic

How To Build A Website On Bluehost

I will be showing you how to set up your blog with Bluehost because they have really good prices and great support.

You will be needing to purchase hosting for your blog but you'll also be getting some free items with this hosting such as

  1. 1
    Free Domain Name for the 1st Year
  2. 2
    Free SSL Certificate Included 
  3. 3
    1-Click WordPress Install
  4. 4
    24/7 Support
  5. 5
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let's Get Started!

First, you will be wanting to decide what your domain name will be.

One quick tip for actually choosing your blog would be to try and keep it as a .com extension.

Reason being that when most people type in a website into the browser they will most likely use the .com extension.

Once you have come up with a domain name you think you might like to go ahead and see if it's available below.

Recommended Hosting

Get my most recommended hosting below. Its cheap, beginner friendly and you will get a discount for using my link below.

If it is available it will let you know just click the next button.

You should come to a screen where you can enter all your information for your hosting account just make sure you add the correct information.

Once you get to the package extras section you can go ahead and deselect all of them so it looks exactly like below.

Bluehost Package Extras

After the package extras tab, you should be able to enter your payment information, after that just click submit.


Your officially the owner of your very own blog.

From here Bluehost should install WordPress for you but if for whatever reason it doesn't happen just go to the one-click install.

After it is done installing on your website you can create a login and password.

Go ahead and log in to your new website.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog For Free

I'm going to show you how to bring free traffic to your blog to get that initial traffic going.

Since we are taking the free path it does take time to do everything I am about to list.

Ranking for keywords with small search volume

What I mean by small search volume is that you will want to find the keywords that not too many people are targeting because they would consider it to have a small search volume. 

So if you find a keyword that only gets 200 people searching for it per month but it's super easy to rank for and you can put multiple of these small search volume keywords in your post then you will potentially create more and more traffic for your blog post.

See what I mean below.

Search Volume Example

KD = Keyword Difficulty with 1 being the easiest and 100 being the hardest to rank for

Volume = The monthly average searches for the keyword per month

Clicks = The average number of clicks the search gets per month from people who search for that specific keyword

These are the types of keywords you want to start ranking for until you can build up your blog. 

Comments From Relevant Niches

You can also get some nice traffic from commenting on other blogs about topics related to your blog post.

One way to do this is to go to a website called Dropmylink.

Drop My Link Example

Just enter your keyword or niche as it says and click search.

It will bring up all the blogs related to your topic that accept comments.

Your main goal is to provide a useful comment about the post and drop your website link in also.

If you provide some great insights on the post people will take notice and click through to your link which in this case is your blog.

Or the second way is similar except we will be trying to be one of the first to comment so we can show at the top of the comments which will also bring in a decent amount of traffic.

Just click the tools tab and change the blog post time to more recent.

Top Of Comments Example

The goal here is to be seen first at the top of the comments which will get more eyes on your comment without having to scroll through the comments.

Niche related forums

Niche related forums are something like dropping your link on related blog posts only its on a forum.

Of course you will need to be a active user and provide value but while doing this you should be able to insert a link back to your website in the signature tab of your profile.

Or while participating in answering questions you can always refer someone back to a relevant page on your blog. 

There are tons of ways for you to get free traffic to your blog but I would suggest only focusing on one or maybe two at a time to avoid information overload.

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