October 5, 2019


If your willing to learn the benefits of email marketing and how to use and manage your email marketing software then this can be a good option your you to get your message out to your following or customers.

You can usually find a good email marketing provider for around $10 to $20 per month if your new. Of course, the price will increase as you add more people to your list.
But the more customers you get the more your income should increase as well.

Return On Investment

It’s reported that for every $1 you spend on email marketing that you can expect to make an average of $32 back according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Even though those numbers are not guaranteed image getting even half of that. It’s like having an ATM as long as you continue to get better at it.

Data-Driven Sales

You can get a lot of data from most email marketing tools about what your customers are doing within your business.
As an example you can see who opens, clicks and even who buys your products depending on your email marketing provider you can get a lot of important data important to growing your business.


Who is your customer? Do you know where they are in your marketing funnel and what they have already done within your business?
Well having this feature can allow you to know at what moment in time they entered your business, what they have purchased and even things like age, last sale date and tons more.
So say you want to send out a message to promote your new product and you do but some people don’t even open your email.
Well, now you can even target those customers who did not buy because your Email Marketing Software has tracked who purchased your product from your initial email.


Personalized emails will usually generate a higher open and click-through rate.
Having the ability to use someone’s name either in the subject line of even in the body of the email can make it look very personalized to your following or customer.
Even though it doesn’t always work out perfect due to people providing fake names it can still be something worth testing.

Trust Building

One of the most important things about building your very own useful brand is being able to build one that customers can trust and recognize.
Email Marketing can let you prove to your following that you are an authority within your niche. It will allow you to build that trust so that when the time comes and they are ready to buy you will be front and center.


Once you get everything set up within your Email Marketing Software you can automate a lot within your business.
Automations like if you connect your email list to your website and have it set up to make offers to them or connecting it to google analytics to collect data for you to view later.
For my recommendation on the Best Email Marketing Tool vistit my Tools I Use page and check it out.
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